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Love Me Tender
Steak & Fish Grill

You'll be 'all shook up' by the new steak & fish restaurant located at The Kenley Hotel, in the heart of Blackpool town centre.

The Menu

"Hi everyone... I've compiled this menu for lovers of steak and fish. It's simple and a little retro. But one thing's for sure, the quality of the food is up there with the very best. Enjoy!"
-- Mark Solomon, star of Yorkshire TV's 'Making The Most Of' ethnic cooking show.



All our steaks have been hung for at least 27 days.

All mains come with a selection of two freshly cooked through vegetables and potato of the day -- included in the price.

Or you may well prefer Josie's Mediterranean salad (well worth the risk!)

Please order your steak either: medium-well, medium, medium-rare, rare, or blue.

Note: For those who don't like to see blood on the plate, it doesn't mean you have to eat your steak well-done. Just over medium will be good. It'll still leave your steak nice & succulent -- and not like bloody shoe leather!

However, well-done steaks are available from all good cafés along the promenade.

All steaks are 1/2lb, unless otherwise stated.